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Lone Worker alarms & GSM alarm systems

Quicksafe Security has supplied leading UK companies and government organisations with lone worker alarm solutions and man down alarm systems since 2003. We also offer various levels for of lone worker monitoring and GPS location tracking for finding personnel in and emergency.  

Our range of lone worker alarms include staff panic pendants, man down alarms, fixed panic buttons, GPS units and fully wireless lone worker alarm systems. Our lone worker protection devices are used in schools, universities, hospitals, factories, building sites, farms, military sites, offices and in the retail sector.

Quicksafe security have over 15 year experience of offering feature packed wireless burglar alarms and house alarms systems. These are easy to install DIY alarm systems suitable for home security purposes. We have a whole selection of battery powered standalone GSM alarm systems including shipping container alarms and void property burglar alarm systems.  

From the start in 2003 we have only supplied wireless alarm systems. We have been at the forefront of many hardware & software changes with the most popular wireless burglar alarm systems on the market today. This has led us to providing our very own mobile network SIM for alarm systems that contain a GSM auto dialler. 

Our cost effective lone worker solutions are simple to use in an emergency. If you have a question about one of our product or would just like some general advice contact us on 0845 313 4747 or email sales@quicksafe.co.uk .