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Man down alarm for Lone Workers

Tried and proven TrackerGuard man down alarm device for lone workers. As used by government organisations some of the largest companies in the UK. These simple to use lone worker alarm with man down detection as simple to use when needed most in an emergency. These man down alarm only have 2 buttons. A side on / off switch and the main centre button that is used as a panic button , call answer button and end call / cancel button. 

The built in fall detection automatically triggers call and text alerts without the lone worker have to do anything. In the event of a false alarm the lone worker can cancel alerts to emergency contact telephone numbers by simply press the large centre button on the man down alarm. As well as voice calls and text alerts the GPS location of the lone worker is also sent to any emergency contact telephone after the man down alarm sensor has been triggered. The TrackerGuard unit has a battery life of up to 5 working days. This communicating man down alarm uses a dedicated security SIM card to send out SMS text alerts and emergency phone calls after an alarm activation.