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Personal Panic Alarms For Elderly.

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Personal Panic Alarms For Elderly. 

For over 16 years we have supplied personal alarm for elderly and telecare alarm systems.  Our range of personal panic alarms and fixed panic buttons provide an easy way of monitoring the safety and wellbeing of elderly relatives living independently.  Our Panic alarms for elderly include neck worn pendants, wrist worn watch type SOS alarms and fixed panic buttons. 

Our GPS panic alarms will send text alerts to emergency contact numbers after a press of the SOS panic button or after a fall has been detected. Our elderly fall alarms will make a voice call and send SMS alerts to your mobile phone. This allows relatives and emergency contact numbers to speak directly with elderly use to confirm what action is required such as phoning emergency services ambulance or police if required. If the GPS fall alarm for elderly or GPS personal panic alarm is used in an outdoor location then help can be sent to the users location. 

Our fixed panic buttons are idea for use at home ans can be place next to a bath or shower when a panic button for elderly is press the alarm system will sound and text alerts are sent to emergency contact numbers. These fixed panic buttons are idea for elderly relatives who wish to live at home independently but still require their wealth and safety to be monitored by a telecare self monitored alarm system .   

All out panic alarms for elderly are easy to use and self program. We know that each panic button and panic alarm system has to be reliable and robust for the knocks and falls they will encounter. All our panic alarm systems come with a full 12 month warranty.