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SIM card for burglar alarms

The Best SIM Cards for Burglar Alarm Systems

, by Customer Services, 1 min reading time

If you have a GSM based burglar alarm system, you need a SIM card to enable the alarm auto dialler.  Years ago, this was a simple process. Find a cheap Pay-as-you-go SIM card from your local supermarket and put it in the control panel. This is not the case now. Now many networks clearly state that SIMs are Not for use in alarm systems, and if you have a low usage SIM, they will cut off the SIM and remove it from the network. 

Before selecting a SIM for you alarm system check the following:

  • Does the SIM clearly state it allows alarm system usage?
  • Does the SIM have a UK mobile phone number?
  • What is the monthly / yearly total running cost? (*Ignore 1p per text type incentives and focus on the total monthly / yearly minimum Spend charges).
  • Does the SIM have UK based customer support? 
  • Does the SIM provider have a proven track record of proving SIM to the security industry?  
  • Buy a SIM for Alarm Systems Here.  

Alarm systems do not generate enough usage to make it worthwhile for mobile phone networks to run these SIMs.  These SIMs are cut off without warning and may leave your alarm system next to useless in terms of contacting you or your alarm monitoring company after alarm activation. 

Over the last twelve years we have supplied SIMs with a profile designed for the low usage of alarm systems. Our SIM card for alarm systems remains active despite rarely being used. We recommend testing your alarm system once a month, but even if you do not, the Quicksafe Multi SIM will never cut off while in its credit term. 

Popular with security installers wanting a hassle free SIM card with a VAT invoice for business purposes, our Alarm SIM Card offers the perfect solution. 

Click here for further information > Alarm System SIM with Preloaded Credit


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