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  • Lone Worker Alarms
  • Nurse Call Systems
  • SIM for alarms
  • SIM for lift call phones

Lone Worker Alarms, Man Down Alarms & Nurse Call Systems.

  • Quicksafe Security SIM

    Quicksafe Security SIM

    The SIM Card For Alarm Systems, Lifts and GSM Auto Diallers.

  • Call Systems

    Call Systems

    Call Systems For Reception and Waiting Rooms.

Blog posts

  • Lift emergency alarm - Switching over from PSTN to GSM

    Lift emergency alarm - Switching over from PSTN to GSM

    Introducing the Quicksafe SIM for Lifts: Ensuring Uninterrupted Elevator SafetyKnown by various names such as landlines,  or fixed-line telephones, the PSTN enabled real-time communication over...

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  • Elevate Your GSM Lift Call System

    Elevate Your GSM Lift Call System

    In today's fast-paced world, elevator systems play a vital role in our daily lives. Whether you're in a high-rise office building or a residential complex,...

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  • Nurse call systems from Quicksafe Security

    Transforming Healthcare with Quicksafe Security's Wireless Nurse Call Systems

    Wireless Nurse Call System provided by Quicksafe Security, a game-changer that enhances communication, efficiency, and patient outcomes within healthcare facilities.

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