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  • man down alarm

    V3 Man Down Alarm

    V3 Man Down Alarm The V3 is the latest upgrade on our man down alarm for lone workers. The previous V2 model was in production for 8 years and proved to be one of the best selling lone worker alarms in the UK market.   The new Quicksafe V3 offers unrivalled levels of quality, features and ease of use for protecting your lone working staff. This new model now offers a waterproof case, adjustable fall detection to minimise false alarms and an optional use tilt sensor for additional protection. How the V3 Works.  The V3 man down alarm is triggered by a fall or a press of the SOS panic button.  After an alarm activation the man down alarm will call your emergency contacts until answered, send text alerts and the GPS location of the lone worker requiring assistance. The V3 man down device is supplied with an Emergency Services Network Grade SIM card for the best coverage in the UK.   Quicksafe V3 - Features  No Contract. Buy it, Own It!  Waterproof. SOS Panic Button. Flexible wearing options. Supplied with belt clip and pull safe neck lanyard. Adjustable Man Down / Fall Detection to suit lone workers activity level.  Automatic Alerts via Fall and Tilt Sensors. Low Battery Alerts.   Silent / Discreet Emergency Call.  Quick & Easy Set up out of the box.  Man down alarm and Panic Alarm in one device.  Easy to use in an Emergency.  Alerts by phone call, text alerts and GPS location of user requiring help.  No Software Required.  Dimensions: 62mm x 47mm x 17mm Weight: 53g Our Lone Worker Alarm Clients Include: NHS (Various) British Antarctic Survey Rolls-Royce BUPA BAE Systems Network Rail Virgin Rail Department of the Environment Lloyd's of London British Sugar plc Tesco Distribution ASDA Distribution Amazon Distribution Product Contents: 1 (One) V3 Man Down Alarm for Lone Workers. 1 (One) Base Station Charger. 1 (One) Emergency Services Network Grade SIM card with user credit.  Instructions. 

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  • Last stock! Man down alarm

    Man Down Alarm (28 Day Trial) - One Unit Per Customer

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    Man Down Alarm (28 Day Trial) *We have lots of V3 units in stock but only list 28 Day Trial units one at a time. This is because the 28 day trial offer is strictly limited to One Unit Per Customer Only.  If stocks shows as Zero this will because there a very recent order for a unit.  Terms of 28 Day Trial - 100% Refund if you are not completely satisfied.  No Risk Way to Try out a Quicksafe V3 Man Down Alarm. Buy the unit as usual online or over the phone. Keep the unit for up to 28 days for use and testing. 28 Days SIM Credit Included. If you are happy, keep the device. If you are unhappy, post it back for a full 100% device cost refund.  The device must be returned in new condition suitable for resale.  No Delivery / Postage charges are refunded, One Unit Per Customer Only.  

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  • TWIG One Ex - ATEX Intrinsically Safe Lone Worker Alarm

    TWIG TWIG One Ex - ATEX Intrinsically Safe Lone Worker Alarm

    TWIG One Ex - ATEX Intrinsically Safe Lone Worker Alarm Free First Time Set up & Testing before dispatch. Lead Time is 7 Working days on the Twig One Ex.  Product suited with customers with IT departments. Software download required for changing contact numbers and settings > Download Twig Configurator.  Certified Intrinsically Safe Lone Worker Alarm with GPS/GSM, designed to protect lone workers in explosive hazardous areas. TWIG One Ex ATEX lone Worker Alarm Alerts include an alarm button, automatic Man Down Alarm function and Amber alert. The predefined emergency protocol transmits the latest known GPS position and TWIG Beacon indoor position* and opens a two-way voice connection to the alarm receiving centre (ARC). High-performance GPS receiver with turn-key AGPS feed is complemented with TWIG Beacon indoor location*. The small and light Twig One Ex device is rugged and IP67 waterproof, providing ease of mind for the user and unparalleled life cycle economies for the administrator. Even in continuous GPS monitoring, excellent operating times are achieved through advanced technology and large-capacity battery.  TWIG One Ex - ATEX Intrinsically Safe Lone Worker Alarm Lone worker protection Duty of care requires employers to give lone workers a means to alert help. Depending on risk assessment, a dedicated alarm device may be required. • Automatic Man Down function can trigger an alert if a user is incapacitated. • When entering a risky situation, request enhanced monitoring with an Amber alert. It can trigger alerts in ARC also in the absence of GSM connection. Efficient deployment Fully remotely configurable AND fast to deploy and flexible to operate. USB programmable, either manually or using a saved file. Twig One Ex Quick Start Guide Free First Time Set up & Testing before dispatch. Lead Time is 7 Working days on the Twig One Ex. Product suited with customers with IT departments. Software download required for changing contact numbers and settings > Download Twig Configurator.  Contents:  1 (One) TWIG One Ex - ATEX Intrinsically Safe Lone Worker Alarm 1 (One) Active SIM Card with Credit.  1 (One) Charger / USB Cable.  1 (One) User Instructions  *Lead time is 7 working days on this product. 


  • Lone Worker Alarm Programming & Testing Service

    Lone Worker Alarm Programming & Testing Service.

    Lone Worker Alarm Programming & Testing Service. No time to read instructions and set up each device?  Want your lone worker alarms to arrive ready to use out of the box? Then choose our Lone Worker Alarm Programming & Testing Service. Your chosen emergency contact numbers are programmed into the device. Any optional settings are pre-configured for you.  The device is charged overnight for the best battery life performance. Lone worker alarm tested before dispatch. It arrives with you, ready to use straight out of the box.  Programming & Testing of one device.  Add more as required.


Man down Alarm Device

Man Down Alarms

Ensure the safety of your team members with cutting-edge man down alarms. At Quicksafe Security, we understand the importance of maintaining a secure work environment. Our state-of-the-art man down alarms are designed to detect falls, impacts, and unusual movement patterns, immediately alerting designated responders to provide rapid assistance. With our innovative technology, you can enhance workplace safety, minimize response time, and maximize productivity. Read on to learn more about the benefits of our industry-leading man down alarms.

How Man Down Alarms Improve Workplace Safety

Man down alarms are powerful tools that play a vital role in protecting employees who work in high-risk industries or isolated environments. By monitoring the orientation, motion, and impact of the user, these alarms are capable of automatically detecting incidents such as falls, collisions, or sudden inactivity. In the event of an emergency, the alarm triggers an alert, ensuring that immediate assistance can be provided.

Key Features and Benefits of Our Man Down Alarms

  • Rapid Alert System: Our man down alarms are equipped with a rapid alert system that immediately notifies designated responders and supervisors when an incident occurs. This feature ensures that help reaches the affected individual in the shortest possible time, minimizing the risk of severe injury or complications.
  • Customizable Settings: We understand that every work environment is unique. That's why our man down alarms offer customizable settings to meet your specific requirements. Adjust sensitivity levels, alarm triggers, and response protocols to align with your team's needs, guaranteeing optimal performance and minimizing false alarms.
  • Ergonomic Design: Our man down alarms are designed with both functionality and comfort in mind. Lightweight and compact, they can be easily worn on clothing or attached to equipment without hindering the user's movements. With their ergonomic design, our alarms seamlessly integrate into your team's workflow, promoting continuous safety awareness.

Industries That Benefit from Man Down Alarms

Man down alarms are valuable safety solutions across a wide range of industries. Some sectors that can benefit from our advanced alarms include:

  • Construction: Protect your construction workers from falls, heavy machinery accidents, and other hazards.
  • Oil and Gas: Enhance safety for employees working in remote or hazardous locations, where quick response is critical.
  • Warehousing: Ensure the well-being of your warehouse staff by providing immediate assistance during incidents or accidents.
  • Rural Workers & Farm risks associated with machinery & animals  by implementing reliable man down alarms that offer precise detection capabilities.

Conclusion: Investing in our cutting-edge man down alarms is a proactive step towards safeguarding your team and optimizing productivity. With advanced technology and customizable features, our alarms provide real-time incident detection and rapid response, helping you create a safer work environment. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and discover how our man down alarms can revolutionize safety within your.


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