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Call Systems for businesses. Build a bespoke wireless call system for your company.

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  • Call system base station receiver

    Call System Receiver

    Wireless Call System Receiver Introducing our versatile Wireless Call System Receiver, the foundation for creating a seamless call system for your staff and clients. This call system receiver is gyms, pools, leisure centers, health centers, spas, retails stores, treatment rooms, doctors' offices, and dentists' clinics.  With the receiver as the central hub, you have the freedom to add any number and combination of Wireless Call Buttons to build your own bespoke call system.  Wireless - Save on Installation Time & Costs. Simple and Effective. Plug in receiver and add call buttons. When call buttons is pressed receiver sounds and displays call button number.   Add any amount and / or combination call buttons to receivers.  Add any amount receivers. Flexible and expandable. Add Any additional part at anytime.  Range 40m indoors going through 3 brick walls on average. Range extenders are available to double working range as require.  Add any amount of Range Extenders. Receiver size 20cm Wide x 13cm high x 3cm deep. The receiver is plugged into mains power.  Expanded Coverage with Multiple ReceiversTo cover larger spaces, multiple floors, or additional areas like reception area and staff rooms, you can easily incorporate multiple call button receivers into your system. By strategically placing receivers in key locations, you ensure comprehensive coverage and efficient communication throughout your business.   Contents: 1 (One) Wireless Call System Receiver 1 (One) Power Supply.


  • Call Button With Cancel

    Call Button With Cancel

    Call Button With Cancel Introducing our versatile Wireless Call Buttons, ideal for a wide range of establishments including restaurants, shops, offices, waiting rooms, health centers, leisure centers, doctors, and dentists. Simply add as many call buttons as required to the receiver to accommodate your establishment's needs. These buttons can be strategically placed in interview or treatment rooms to signal when a room is available for the next person or when assistance is required. This streamlines operations and ensures efficient utilization of resources.Effortless Operation with Clear AlertsWhen the call button is pressed, the corresponding number is immediately displayed on the call system receiver, accompanied by an audible alert. This ensures that staff members are promptly notified of a customer or patient's request. If necessary, pressing the "Cancel" button on the call button will stop the displayed number and sound, providing flexibility and control over the system.Scalable Solution with Extensive CompatibilityOur wireless call system components are designed to be 100% compatible with each other, allowing for seamless integration and expansion. You can connect up to 1000 call buttons to a single receiver, making it suitable for establishments of all sizes. Should you require an extended wireless working range, range extenders are available to meet your specific needs.Reliable Wireless Communication within 40m RangeOur Wireless Call Buttons provide a reliable wireless working range of 40m indoors, ensuring optimal signal transmission throughout your establishment. For larger spaces or areas with potential signal limitations, range extenders can be used to extend the wireless working range as needed.   Contents: 1 (One) Call Button With Cancel  1 (One) User Instructions


  • Desk / Wall Call Button - Quicksafe Security

    Desk / Wall Call Button

    Desk / Wall Call Button  Waterproof wireless call button for desk or wall mounting. When the red call button is pressed, the corresponding will be displayed on the call system receiver, and the receiver will sound a notification too.   This call system button can be used to notify when a person or room is available or to raise the alert when someone needs help and assistance.   Add as many call buttons as you require. The wireless working range for the call system is 40m indoors with range extenders available for remote areas and other floor levels.  This call button is ideal for interview rooms, doctor's surgeries, dental practices, reception areas, leisure centres, retail check-outs, toilets, changing rooms and health centres. Contents: 1 (One) Desk / Wall Call Button


  • Toilet call button

    Toilet / Changing Room Call Button

    Toilet / Changing Room Call Button Call button with pull cord for use in toilets, disabled/accessible toilets and changing rooms. Add as many as you require to the wireless call system receiver. Contents: Toilet / Changing Room Call Button


  • Call Pendant - Quicksafe Security

    Call Pendant For Active Mobile Staff

    Call Pendant For Active Mobile Staff Enhance Staff Communication and Safety with Wireless Call Pendant ButtonsIntroducing our versatile Wireless Call Pendant Buttons, specifically designed for active staff in various settings, including offices, warehouses, retail stores, leisure centers, personal trainers, doctors, and nurses. Our wireless call pendants provide a reliable and efficient solution for instant communication and assistance.When an active staff member presses the call pendant button, the corresponding number will be immediately displayed on the call system receiver. Simultaneously, the receiver will emit a distinct notification sound, alerting the relevant personnel to the specific area requiring assistance. Our wireless call pendant buttons offer unmatched flexibility and mobility for active staff. The pendants can be easily worn or carried, allowing staff members to move freely throughout their work areas while maintaining a reliable connection to the call system. Whether they are assisting customers, conducting warehouse operations, or providing medical care, staff can instantly request assistance by simply pressing their call pendant button.   Contents: 1 (One) Call Pendant 1 (One) User Instructions 


  • Wireless Call System Range Extender

    Wireless Call System Range Extender

    Wireless Call System Range Extender Build a long range call system with this wireless range extender. Ideal for leisure centres, factories, manufacturing and retail environments.  Also ideal for multi-level premises. The average working range of the call system is 40m. Add range extenders as required to build a long range call system for your business.   Contents: 1 (One) Wireless Call System Range Extender 1 (One) Plug in power supply.  1 (One) User Instructions 


  • Construction Site Lift / Elevator Call System

    Construction Site Lift / Elevator Call System

    19 in stock

    Construction Site Lift / Elevator Call System When the red panic button on a fixed waterproof call button is pressed, a wireless signal is sent to the receiver. The wireless receiver will then sound and flash with the corresponding number of the panic button pressed.   Easy add as many call buttons as required to build a wireless lone worker alarm system to suit your requirements.  The wireless working range between the call buttons and the receiver is 150m clear line of sight. A Range extender is also available for larger premises and areas with a high amount of obstacles to the wireless signal.

    19 in stock


  • Wireless Disabled Toilet Alarm - Image for illustration only

    Wireless Disabled Toilet Alarm

    Wireless Disabled Toilet Alarm Idea for any toilet , bathroom, changing room or cubicle. Add as many additional call buttons as you require of any type. Cover additional toilets , bathrooms or shower cubicles.  Up to 1000 call buttons can be added to the wireless receiver.  Reduce installation costs and time with this wireless disabled toilet alarm. All you have to do is easily add the call buttons to the relevant numbers on the receiver.  Wireless Working Range: 250m Clear Line of sight | 40m indoors going through 3 brick walls on average. Range extenders are available to double working range as require.  IE each range extender give another 40m wireless range.  *Receiver size 20cm Wide x 13cm high x 3cm deep. The receiver is plug in mains power only.  Add any amount and any combination of Wireless Call Buttons as required to build a wireless disabled toilet alarm to suit your requirements.  Contents: 1 (One) Wireless Receiver.  1 (One) Wireless Call Button with Pull Cord * Add up to 1000 as required. 1 (One) Plug-in power supply.  1 (One) User Instructions 


Call system for waiting rooms & doctors reception
Efficient Wireless Call Systems for Business Settings

Introducing our advanced Wireless Call Systems, designed to optimize communication and improve customer service in a wide range of business settings. Whether you have a waiting room, restaurant, gym, leisure center, salon booths, or hotel, our quick and easy-to-install call systems are tailored to meet your specific needs. With our customizable solutions, you can create a bespoke wireless call system that perfectly suits your requirements.

Flexibility to Customize Your Call System

Our Wireless Call Systems offer the flexibility to customize and expand according to your unique needs. You can add any number of call buttons to the receiver, ensuring you have the right amount to cover your establishment. Whether you need a restaurant table call system, a waiting room call system, or a solution for doctors' surgeries and dentist practices, our versatile system can accommodate your specific requirements.

Effortless Installation and Setup

Our Wireless Call Systems are designed with ease of use and installation in mind. The quick and simple installation process ensures that you can have your call system up and running in no time, without any complicated wiring or technical expertise required. This allows you to focus on providing exceptional service to your customers and clients.

Improve Customer Experience and Operational Efficiency

By incorporating our Wireless Call Systems, you can enhance the customer experience and streamline your operations. Customers, clients, and patients waiting for their turn can be notified promptly when a room or staff member becomes available. The wireless call buttons and receiver enable seamless communication, ensuring efficient coordination and reduced wait times. This not only improves customer satisfaction but also enhances staff productivity.

Ideal Solution for Various Business Settings

Our Wireless Call Systems are suitable for a wide range of business settings, including waiting rooms, restaurants, gyms, leisure centers, salon booths, and hotels. Whether you need to summon staff, notify customers of their turn, or request assistance, our call systems provide a reliable and convenient solution for effective communication.

Choose our Wireless Call Systems for quick and easy installation, customizable features, and improved communication in your business. Enhance the efficiency of your operations, boost customer satisfaction, and create a seamless workflow with our reliable wireless call systems.


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