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Wrist Worn Lone Worker Alarm

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  • Wrist worn lone worker alarm

    Wrist Worn Lone Worker Alarm

    Wrist Worn Lone Worker Alarm - No Contract ! Order Today.  he Quicksafe V1 device can be wrist worn or worn on a pull-safe neck lanyard. Both attachment options are provided with every order. Using our 20 years of experience with lone worker alarms, we have developed the Quicksafe V1 SOS Device. Our smallest, most discreet lone worker alarm ever.  V1 - Lone Worker Alarm Features: Contract Free! Buy it & Own it.   Free Contact Number Set Up! (Optional) Communicating Panic Alarm for indoor and outdoor use.  Very easy one button operation. Easy to use in an emergency.  Will alert up to 3 (Maximum of three) Mobile Phone Contact Numbers.  2 Way voice call to verify the alarm and arrange the correct level of help.  Text Alert of Alarm activation to all your contact numbers.  GPS location is sent if the user is in GPS accessible location. Easy to program via text message direct to the device. 3 to 4 Day Battery Life.  Device size ONLY: 40 x 43 x 14 mm Weight Only: 25g Includes SIM Card with £49.98 / 12 months of credit. Cost to renew SIM after 12 months is ONLY £49.98 per Year. Please note this product is for Business Users Only.  These Quicksafe Lone Worker Alarms are Contract Free! Simply buy it and use it without the never ending monthly fees usually associated with lone worker alarms. We have supplied lone worker alarms since 2003 to companies and organisations large and small across all sectors.  A lone worker at risk has to simply press and hold the SOS button when required to summon help. After SOS button has been pressed, contact number 1 will receive a telephone call from the lone worker alarm. After a few minutes, contacts 1 & 2 and 3 will receive a text Alert from the device with the user's GPS location. Any of the contact numbers can now call the device to speak directly with the user to arrange the help required. This allows the contact number to decide the best response and necessary level of help.   Trusted. We have supplied lone worker alarms for 20 years. Our Lone worker alarm clients include: UK Ministry of Defence NHS (Various) British Antarctic Survey Rolls-Royce BUPA BAE Systems Network Rail Virgin Rail Department of the Environment Lloyd's of London British Sugar plc Tesco Distribution ASDA Distribution Amazon Distribution. Security SIM Includes: 12 Months line rental (We have to pay this to use the number).  45 Text Per Month / 45 X 12 = 540 a year.  12 Minutes Voice Calls Per Month / 144 minutes a year. 1mb of Data Per Month / 12mb of Data a year. After 12 Months, simply renew for another 12 months.  Contents: 1 (One) V1 Lone Worker Alarm. 1 (One) Pull safe Neck Lanyard (Optional use) 1 (One) Wrist Strap (Optional Use) 1 (One) Security SIM Card with 12 months SIM credit.  1 (One) Instructions. 

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  • Last stock! Wrist Lone worker alarm device

    Wrist Worn Lone Worker Alarm (28 Day Trial) - One Unit Per Customer

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    Wrist Worn Lone Worker Alarm (28 Day Trial).  *We have lots of units in stock but only list 28 Day Trial units one at a time. This is because the 28 day trial offer is strictly limited to One Unit Per Customer Only.  If stocks shows as Zero this will because there a very recent order for a unit.  Terms of 28-Day Trial - 100% refund if you're not completely satisfied. No Risk Way to Try out a Quicksafe V1 Lone Worker Alarm Free Contact Number Set Up! (Optional) Buy the unit online or over the phone. Keep the unit for up to 28 days for use and testing. 28 Days SIM Credit Included. If you are happy, keep the device. If you are unhappy, post it back for a full 100% device cost refund.  The device must be returned in new condition suitable for resale.  No Delivery / Postage charges are refunded, One Unit Per Customer Only.

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  • Lone Worker Alarm Programming & Testing Service

    Quicksafe V1- Contact Number Set Up Service

    Quicksafe V1 Contact Number Set Up. No time to read instructions and set up each device?  Want your Quicksafe V1 to arrive ready to use out of the box? Then choose this Quicksafe V1 Contact Number Set Up Service. Your chosen emergency contact numbers are programmed into the device. The device is charged overnight for the best battery life performance. It arrives with you, ready to use straight out of the box.  Note. We send a request for the emergency contact numbers to the email address used when placing the order. Allow 24 hours for the request for the contact numbers. 


Lone worker alarm worn on wrist
Cost effective, easy to use with 2 way speech, text alerts and GPS location at great price.


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