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Community Care Alarms For Councils & Home Care Providers

care alarms & community care alarms

Community Care Alarms For Councils & Home Care Providers. Cost effective Community Alarms for local authority councils, assisted living services and home care providers. Easy use and cost effective care alarms for elderly and dis-abled people living at home.  Easy to use community alarms for cost effective care at home for elderly and the disabled. Our Quicksafe V1 alarms are ideal for adding people at risk. Idea for local authority councils, NHS and care providers offering assisted home living. 

  • GSM Panic Alarm

    GSM Panic Alarms | GSM Telecare Alarms (5 Units)

    GSM Panic Alarms | GSM Telecare Alarms (5 Units) This GSM panic alarm uses a SIM card so is not effected by the switch off of BT landlines / Telecom PSTN switch off. Read the story off the BBC Website .  Introducing our  V1 GSM Panic Alarm, this 5 pack of devices is ideal for Telecare companies and community care providers.  These care alarms are an essential tool for promoting the safety and well-being of independent living clients, particularly disabled and elderly individuals living alone or at risk. V1 Panic Alarm Features:1. Contract-Free Ownership: With our panic alarm, there are no contracts or monthly fees. Once you purchase it, you own it, providing you with cost-effective GSM Telecare Alarm.2. Indoor and Outdoor Use: The communicating panic alarm is suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments, ensuring round-the-clock protection wherever your clients may be.3. Easy One-Button Operation: Our panic alarm features a simple one-button operation, making it incredibly easy to use during emergencies. The user can quickly and effectively trigger the alarm when help is needed.4. Two-Way Voice Call: This GSM panic alarm supports two-way voice calls, allowing for verification of the alarm and enabling you to arrange the appropriate level of assistance for the user.5. Text Alerts: Instant text alerts are sent to all designated contact numbers upon activation of the alarm, ensuring that key individuals are immediately notified of the emergency.6. GPS Location Tracking: If the user is in a GPS-accessible location, the panic alarm will transmit their GPS location, providing crucial information for response teams.7. Easy Programming: The device can be easily programmed via text message directly to the device, ensuring hassle-free customization and setup.8. Long Battery Life: The GSM panic alarm boasts a long battery life of up to 4 days, ensuring reliable operation and minimizing the need for frequent recharging making this unit an ideal GSM Telecare Alarm.9. Compact and Lightweight Design: The device's compact size (40 x 43 x 14 mm) and lightweight construction (25g) ensure comfort and convenience for the user.10. SIM Card with 12 Months of Credit: The panic alarm comes with a preloaded SIM card that includes 12 months of credit, offering extended usability and value.Empowering Users to Summon Help:In times of need, the elderly or disabled person at risk can simply press and hold the SOS button on the panic alarm to summon help. The device will initiate a telephone call to contact number 1. If there is no answer, it will attempt contact numbers 2 and 3 until someone responds.Shortly after the SOS button is pressed, contacts 1, 2, and 3 will receive a text alert from the device, including the user's GPS location. Any contact number can then call the device to speak directly with the user and arrange the required help. This enables the contact person to assess the situation and determine the most appropriate response and level of assistance.Trust in Our Experience:With a proven track record since 2003, we have been supplying panic alarms to enhance the safety of individuals in need. Our V1 Panic Care Alarm provides a reliable, contract-free solution to empower care companies and community care providers in safeguarding their clients. Contents: 5 (Five) V1 GSM Panic Alarms. 5 (Five) Pull safe Neck Lanyard (Optional Use) 5 (Five) Wrist Strap (Optional Use) 5 (Five) Security SIM Card with 12 months of Credit.  5 (Five) Instructions.  



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