Lone Worker Alarms & Man Down Devices - CONTRACT FREE!

Lone Worker Alarms Made Easy - Contract Free!

  • TrackerGuard. *Best Seller*. Includes: Man down alarm. Panic button, Text & Call Alert, GPS location, One Button Device, Long Battery Life, Contract Free.
  • Lone Worker Panic Buttons. Neck or Wrist Wearable, Cost Effective. SOS Panic Button, Text & Call Alerts, GPS Location.
  • Wireless Lone Worker Alarms. Indoor use. Range of wireless panic buttons for lone workers in an office, retail, teaching or care service environment. 
  • ATEX Lone Worker Alarm. Expensive. Intrinsically safe For use in hazardous environments when ATEX / EX classed devices are required.   

Feature packed and easy to use lone worker alarms and man down alarm devices the choice of the HSE professionals. As supplied to UK MOD , NHS and many more since 2003.

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