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Lone Worker Alarms & Man Down Alarms - Contract Free!

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Lone Worker Alarms & Man Down Alarm Devices 

With over 17 years experience of supplying lone worker alarm we have covered companies large and small in all business sectors. Our list of lone worker client range from The UK MOD, Network rail to corner shops looking to protect lone employees.

From emergency panic buttons to man down alarm our range of lone worker alarms are suitable for lone working staff protection indoor and outdoors.  If a panic button is pressed or a fall has been detected by a man down alarm wireless alerts are sent to either a receiver or SMS text alerts are sent out to emergency contact numbers. In most cases colleagues can talk directly with the lone work who has been injured or is at risk of attack or under duress. 

Types of Lone Worker Alarms.

 The 3 main choices of lone worker alarm devices are.

Man down alarms with fall detection built in. This type of lone worker alarm will alert your chosen contact number when a lone worker has fallen due to attack, illness or accident. Man down alarm normally only has a panic button included. TrackerGuard Man down alarm devices alert emergency contact numbers by voice telephone call and SMS text alert after a fall or press of panic button.

 SOS Panic Alarms are worn by the lone worker either as a panic pendant around the neck or worn on the wrist with a watch strap. Once the lone worker presses the panic alarm button a wires signal is sent the SOS panic button receiver. If the panic alarm has a SIM card then calls and text alerts are sent to the emergenct contact numbers.

 Fixed panic button for lone workers are normally used in interview rooms or by receptionist. If a member of staff feels threatened or unwell they press the fixed panic button to sound a lone worker alarm receiver or again send telephone alerts to stored contact numbers.    

Lone worker alarm products and features:

The TrackerGuard man down alarm is our most popular lone worker alarm. This device has a SOS panic button for when staff are under duress or feel threatened. The man down alarm part is basically a fall detector that is triggered when the man down alarm is tilted over 40 degrees. Both a press of the panic button or fall being detected will send panic alerts to emergency telephone contacts by voice phone call and text. The GPS location of the lone worker alarm is also sent so the help can be sent the the staff member in need of assistance,.


The TrackerGuard SOS lone worker alarm is a wrist worn lone worker alarm system. This lone worker safety device is activated by pressing the SOS button. Once the panic button has been pressed the device will call and text your chosen emergency contact telephone numbers. 2 way communication is open so that the situation can be detailed and responded too. This TrackerGuard GPS Lone worker alarm also sent the location of the person needing help.

  • We are the only lone worker alarm provider with our own cost effective SIM card for lone worker alarm use. 
  • Our Contract Free lone worker alarms and man down alarms allow you to protect more staff for your budget.